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In Greek mythology,
the garden of the Hesperides is a
westernmost garden at the edge of the
world, a paradise tended by the
Hesperides nymphs. In their interpretation of this otherworldly realm,
the artistic duo known as Carnovsky created a series of fantastical,
seductive images that echo the sensual mystery of Eau des Sens.
Move the green, blue, and red filters
over the images to reveal the colorful
secrets of the Jardin des Hespérides: its luxurious vegetation,
curious animals, and swooning nymphs.

Carnovsky, the Milanese design duo,
created a whimsical, visual interpretation
of the luxurious Jardin des Hespérides.
The bright, refreshing notes of
Eau des Sens suffuse the vegetation,
intrigue the animals,
and delight the nymphs,
jubilant at the sight of
so many colors.

eau de toilette
eau des sens

Eau des Sens is a head-turning
mystery of a fragrance. On the skin,
it is so gentle as
to evoke caresses.

Cleansing Hand
and Body Gel
eau des sens

Imagine yourself beneath a waterfall
in the Jardin des Hespérides:
when mixed with water,
the Eau de Sens Cleansing Hand and Body Gel becomes a light, silky foam
that delights the senses.

parfum pour les cheveux
eau des sens

Both to keep their hair lustrous and
to seduce the gods, the nymphs
use a hair mist enriched with camellia oil.
Its bright,
zesty scent is enhanced by a subtle,
refreshing note.

Who are Who are

these Girls? these Girls?

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